How To Maintain Carpets

Carpet is the most popular flooring we see inside of homes. They come in a variety of color, they also add warmth and texture to the room. Your can prolong the life of your carpet by keeping it clean from spills, dirt, grime and other stains that might happen over time.

Maintaining your carpet can be a challenge, the professionals at Valley Carpet Repair can keep your house looking clean and smelling fresh throughout the year. Below are tips to keep your carpet clean for an extended period of time.

Avoid Carpeting High-Traffic Areas

When buying new carpet for your home, it is important to think of with areas have the home foot traffic. Carpet is great for living rooms, dens and bedrooms because they make the room more comfortable.

Installing carpet in a doorway or entrance is the a good idea. Dirt, mud and other debris will settle in the carpet at the doorway. This causes the carpet fibers to break down over time.

Wipe Your Feet

You can minimize the dirt and mud that comes in by wiping your feet.  Always ask your family and guests to wipe their feet and take off their shoes when they enter your home.

Placing an indoor and outdoor doormat at each entryway to your home will help your remind your guests to wipe their feet before coming in. Putting doormats at every entrance way will work, get in the habit of taking your shoes off at the door.

Placing a shoe rack or shoe basket at the door will help remind your guests to remove their shoes. It is also good to have flip flops or house shoes at the door after your guests remove their shoes.

Vacuum Carpet Regularly

It is important to vacuum on a daily basis, even if you do not wear shoes inside your home. Dirt and grime still has the ability to find its way inside your home and will settle in the carpet.

Keeping your carpet vacuumed is most important steps in carpet maintenance process. Vacuuming removes dirt, crumbs, minimizes the effects of foot traffic, removes allergens and helps reduce the dullness of your carpet.

The more often you vacuum your carpet, the better it will look. You should vacuum heavy traffic areas at least 2-3 times per week.

Protect Your Carpet

It is important to add some type of carpet protector, even after a professional cleaning. Be sure to test any sort of protector spray on a small, hidden portion of your carpet to make sure it does not alter the appearance of the carpet in any way before applying it to the whole room.  These sprays are the best way to actively prevent dullness, wear and tear on your carpet.

Quickly Spots and Stains Appear

Everybody spills or drops something on the carpet, it does not matter how clean you are, accidents happen. When this happens, do not panic.

Remove the stain as quickly as possible. First blot the spill do not rub, rubbing a stain can actually wear the fabric and set the stain permanently. Continue to blot  the area until it is almost dry,  then vacuum the area. Please be sure the area is completely dry, mold has the ability to grow.

The same techniques work for area rugs and some upholstery. Always be sure to apply the carpet protection to one area before applying the solution in large areas.

Hire A Professional

No matter how well you maintain your carpet from day to day, it is crucial to have your carpet professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year. Hiring a professional to deep clean your carpet will maintain the quality and extend the life of your of the carpet and your home. Although some cleaning machines are for rent, we always recommend that you hire a professional.

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