When Is It Time For New Carpet

If the spots on the floor multiply after every time you have company over, then you might want to think of new carpet installation. This is not a task you will want to try to do yourself. You should leave it up to the professionals who have the proper tools and training to do the job correctly.

Proper Tools For Job

New carpet installation calls for a series of tools that are not normally found around the house. Things like tack strips, seam rollers and carpet stretchers. The most important tool is the power stretcher. Whenever you install new carpet, the company you hire should always use a power stretcher. If they use a knee kicker, you will begin to see ripples in your carpet.

Research Is Essential

The search can be as convenient as hiring someone from the flooring store to set up the textiles, but the easiest way is not always the best way. There are several websites that offer listings of businesses and contractors that can do the job. You should always pay attention to customer reviews when choosing a business. Finding a certified company is the most important part in this process.  Either way, research is the only way to ensure the new carpet installation is done properly. Our technicians are certified through the IICRC.

Hire A Professional Proper Tools For Job

No matter how well you maintain your carpet from day to day, it is crucial to have your carpet professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year. Hiring a professional to deep clean your carpet will maintain the quality and extend the life of your of the carpet and your home. Although some cleaning machines are for rent, we always recommend that you hire a professional.

We service the entire valley and offer reasonable rates. Don’t overpay for carpet repair or carpet cleaning services. But you do not want to find the cheapest guy out there neither. Do your research online when hiring someone. We have a 5 star rating on Google from customers who are happy with our work. Contact us online or call for more information about our services. We offer free estimates over the phone!

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