Pet Damage: Repairing Carpet In Glendale, AZ

carpet repair

Throughout the course of the day, we see a lot of carpet that has been torn, ripped or chewed that is in need of repair. Most homeowners and renters will wait to repair the damaged area until the repair is unbearable. We recommend that you repair the carpet as soon as you see the damage. Waiting to repair the area can cause the damaged area grow in size, increasing the price to repair. We also offer carpet stretching, carpet cleaning and tile cleaning services.

Our customer in Glendale had a small dog living with him in his rental and he was cleaning and repairing the carpet before he moved out. He had carpet remnants available in the garage to complete the repair. Our technicians also carry extra carpet in the work vans, so if you do not have extra carpet, we can still complete the repair for you.

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