Power Stretching Carpet in Glendale, AZ

Carpet repair services in Glendale

We usually recommend that you remove all furniture before you stretch carpet, but if you are not able to, we can still complete the job in most cases. Living with ripples in the carpet is not only hazardous, but it can shorten the overall life of your carpet. It is important to stretch the carpet as soon as you start seeing the ripples to avoid injury. The number one reason why carpets began to buckle is because of poor installation.

Our customer in Glendale needed his carpet stretched inside the bedroom. It was in a high traffic area, so the problem can quickly become worse if it was not fixed right away. We also clean carpet, clean tile and clean upholstery. When it comes to keeping up the appearance of your carpet and maintaining its presence, we are the company to call. We offer quality services at affordable rates. Call (602) 730-1042 to schedule your appointment now!

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