Service You Can Trust

Most fine rugs are made from wool, silk or a combination of the both. Wool and silk are very absorbent and if it is not cleaned and sealed properly, they will quickly absorb dirt, grime and other airborne allergens. Over time, this will cause the fibers to fade and become dull. Who can you trust with your fine Persian and Oriental area rugs? Valley Carpet Repair is experienced in cleaning and maintaining fine Persian and Oriental area rugs. We have a rug cleaning facility where we clean, repair and restore rugs on a daily basis. Depending on availability, we can take you rug through the full cleaning process in just a few days. All of our prices include pickup and delivery.

Rug Cleaning Process

Our patented cleaning methods have been tailored to clean all natural fibers without damaging or removing any of the natural oils in the fibers. These natural oils act as a protectant to help keep the fibers soft when you touch it. Whether silk, wool, or synthetic, your rug will go through a customized cleaning process, we are careful to pay attention to detail. Our cleaning process will ensure that there is no soap or chemical residue left on the rug when we finish. Regular synthetic rugs are able to be cleaned onsite at your home or office at your request. But if you have a specialty rug, then we recommend that it be cleaned at our rug cleaning facility. We guarantee your satisfaction. Call today to schedule an appointment, and one of our certified area rug cleaning specialists can inspect and evaluate the safest and most effective way of cleaning your area rugs. Ask us about protecting your rug with Scotchgard to help protect the rug against future stains.