Cat Damage to Carpet

Pet damage is the most common issue we see as carpet repair technicians.  The problem can be a dog or cat that keeps returning to urinate on the same spot of carpet time and time again.  

Why do animals do this and what can be prevented to stop it?


You love Fido, or Mr. Bubbles. They are apart of the family and it will take a much more than potty issue before you decide to get rid of the pet.  

When working with cat urine, we will always thoroughly clean and disinfect the area affected.  Even though the carpet is cleaned, the padding beneath it is still infected and this will cause your furry friend to return to the same area.  

The next time your pet has an accident,try to identify whether your cat is spraying (marking it’s territory) or full on urinating in this favorite location of his.  If you find that the cat is simply spraying (a little sprinkle) try to make it feel more secure in it’s territory.  

This is very common when you have multiple cats living in the home.  


If you started using a different type of litter of if you changed the location of the litter box, this can also contribute to your cat no longer wanting to use the litter box.  If more than one cat is living together, adding another litter box may help to prevent this issue.  

If you only have one cat, perhaps trying out a new litter box will do the trick. It is essential that you clean the box and change the litter on a regular basis,  as cats are clean animals by nature.  

If all else fails, then try to move the litter box to where the cat keeps urinating then gradually move the litter box back to its original location over the next few days..


Make an appointment to visit your veterinarian if everything else fails.  You will want to make sure your cat doesn’t have any medical conditions that triggers the issue.  

The vet will be able to test for any urinary tract infections or kidney problems.We understand that you don’t want to have to pay us for carpet repair over and over.  

Try to figure out what can be done to prevent this before we come out.  Frequent urination in one location will soak into the pad and can cause lasting odors, damage, and health problems.


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