Carpet Repair Pet Damage

Pets have a way of testing our boundaries, especially when it comes to the flooring inside our homes. It seems as if cats and dogs have a natural attraction to destroy carpets and rugs. If you have carpet damage from your dog, cat, ferret, ocelot or other furry friend, don’t start looking to replace the carpet with new carpet. Contact a carpet repair company in Phoenix to come assess the damage to see if it can be repaired.

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When carpet becomes damaged, majority of people automatically assume that the damage cannot be repaired and that they need new carpet, carpet repair but this is not always necessary.  Most damage to carpet can be repaired by taking a piece of carpet from a walk-in closet or another area inside your home that is not noticeable. If you have carpet remnants left over from the installation, we can use that too. Our certified technicians can come in and assess the damage and repair the carpet in the areas that have been destroyed. We have the experience to repair carpet damage of any size.