No matter how trained your pets may be, there are times when they will have an accident on your carpet leaving you in need of pet odor and urine removal. We recommend that you call for service immediately to avoid permanent damage to your floors.

Valley Carpet Repairs specializes in removing pet odors and urine from your carpet. Our goal is to make your carpets like new again. Not only will we leave your carpet smelling nice and fresh, they will look good too. The products we use will attack the pet odor at the source and remove the odors altogether, not just ask the odor like store bought products.

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Why is Pet Urine Hard to Remove

Your pets urinate on the surface of your carpets, where it then seeps into the padding and onwards into the sub-floor – often times repeatedly in the same spot! When you or one of our competitors attempts to steam-clean your carpets, you risk spreading the urine and making it difficult to pinpoint the affected areas. If you decide to replace your carpet, but neglect to properly sanitize the sub-floor, you may still experience the pungent odor.

When your pet urinates on the carpet, the padding underneath the carpet soaks the urine and it eventually reaches the sub-floor. So you can imagine how bad it can get if you have a pet that keeps having accidents in the same spot. A lot of times, when you try to steam cleaning your carpets after they been urinated on, you are spreading the urine and making it worse. There is a special process to remove the carpet, the padding underneath it to clean the sub-floor. If you refuse to clean the sub-floor, you may still have a strong urine smell inside your home.

Once service is complete, it may be necessary to ventilate your home to allowing the odor to escape as your carpets dry.