Cleaning Carpet

We are now offering full carpet cleaning service in the Phoenix area. We are most known for our flawless carpet repairs, but we are now offering superb carpet cleaning services. All of our carpet cleaning services begin with a pre treatment of heavily soiled areas. We do not charge extra for this service like some companies do.

We recommend that you try to get your carpet cleaned by a professional at least two times a year. You should get your carpet cleaned more

often if you are living with small children and pets. Call (602) 730-1042 for more information on our products and services. We offer quality services at affordable rates. We are an experienced company who’s goal is to help the community by offering great services at reasonable rates.

If you are in need of carpet repair or carpet stretching, feel free to contact us as well. We are experts when it comes to repairing carpet from pet damage, burns and snags. We can also repair your carpet if you are experiencing carpet ripples, we recommend that you get it repaired right away. Not only do they make the room look bad, they can become a safety hazard for seniors, children and visitors.

Valley Carpet Repair & Cleaning is proud to be a local company in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer quality services at affordable prices and are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. In order to fully serve our customers, we partner with other local companies here in the valley to help assist our customers when needed.carpet repair

For example, there was a customer who hired us to clean his carpet, but once we were onsite, explained to us that he actually needed his home dusted and cleaned. We informed him that we do not provide those services, but are partners with several house cleaning companies in the Phoenix area that we are partners with. He received additional discounts because we referred him.

There was another customer in central Phoenix who needed his carpet repaired. While we were repairing the carpet we noticed he had a pest problem. We recommended that before we repair the carpet, we should call a pest control company. Then we can complete the job once the home was serviced by the pest control technician. We called one of our partners and the customer was happy with the service and saved money by using a pest control company we are partners with.

So many customers have benefited from our network companies we work with in the Phoenix area. At a carpet cleaning job, our technician had to enter the home through the garage to clean the carpet at this particular home. As the customer opened the garage, our technician realized the garage was very noisy and needed to be repaired. We called a garage door repair Phoenix company to come out and repair the garage door.

We are more than just a carpet repair company. We are you one stop shop for all of your flooring needs. Feel free to contact us about any service you are in need of. We are able to point you in the right direction if we are not able to complete it ourselves. Call (602) 730-1042 for more information now!

Call or contact us online if you are in need for a thorough carpet cleaning!

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